Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

 This may sound very cliche but I'm just going to put it out there; I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let me set the scene for you.

Today I walked home from school. Since I am at a school now that is closer to home this was the first time probably in my schooling history I have been able to do this and Honestly I loved it!

Where one may take this simple pleasure for granted today I embraced it, and fell in love with the time that i discovered it took for me to walk home.

As I walked along pages road today towards New Brighton, where one may have seen the broken roads I saw beauty trying to break through even the biggest, tinniest cracks. Where one may have seen empty slots, I saw open spaces of luscious green, flower budding fields. Where one may have seen dog poo on the path, I still saw dog poo. Hahaha

But my point is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Someone may have walked or driven down the same road as me today and may have not noticed these things, or even on the other scale noticed more beauty.

Sometimes I love these days where I am left with my own thoughts and with the beauty of nature! Even better so when something is a little destroyed or broken and you still can discover beauty!

Another thing I believe, that their is always beauty! Sometimes we just need to open our somewhat, sometimes small eyes.


Be Still

Be still my heart and know
You are God alone
Stop thinking so much
and just let go

Be still my soul and rest
Humbly I confess,
in my weakness your strength is perfect

For You alone are God, there will be no other
And You have won my heart more than any other
So I will give it all 'cause you gave it all for me

Sometimes I have nerves. Sometimes I worry a lot. Sometimes I feel grumpy for no reason. Sometimes I just need a little bit of God fixation to calm me. And recently I found my answer.

The song above.

If you have not listened to it, then i advise you do.

Follow the link below.


You see, the lyrics of this song, the melodies and chords are just so beautifully crafted that when listened through ones ears, it is automatically soothing. Calming to the soul. That one cannot possibly be dismayed, frightened or worried no more.

And this is why I love music.

Purely because it can make you feel so many ways and can trigger so many thoughts (:


Write About Your Nana.

So today, well this evening I was struck with a dilemma...

What on earth do I write about tonight?

I've had this dilemma plenty of times before, it often results in me nearly quitting for the evening.
But the wise words of Winston Churchill always ring in my head.

-Never give up. Never give up.Never. Never. Never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give up, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

And so I didn't give up as you can see.

Let me begin.

Six weeks ago I left Hillview forever. The prospect of my Nana coming soon, excited me, so did Christmas and so did a summer of sunshine. The thought of all this actually coming to an end seemed so far a way, that an ending did not seem to  bother me. But now it does.

Because tomorrow my Nana will be leaving. This somewhat brings tears to my eyes. Actually it brings waterfulls of continuous wet tears. Slight exaggeration. But at least you now know how I am feeling.
Yes, I am feeling quite sad. Because tomorrow my Nana will be boarding a plane, back to the other side of the world, England. I'm glad that there are good people over their for her to go back to, but her presence, her humor and her overall amazingness I know will be dearly missed in our chaotic household.

Tomorrow also marks an ending to what has been a pretty incredible summer! Looking back I have done a heck of a lot! Christmas, we went to Hanmer for New Years, I ventured up to thee amazing Wellington for an incredible five days and also amoungst these I have been privileged to spend time with friends and family.

But with endings their is always new beginnings  and with new beginnings there is also a little bit of excitement. Come Monday, I will be starting a new school. And honestly I have no fear about it, because with the Lord there is no fear. I never thought tomorrow or Monday would come round so quickly. It turns out it decided to fasten it's pace these summer holidays.

But as they say, time flies when you're having fun! And boy it sure has! (:


My Thoughts Are Stars.

'My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations' - John Green

After recently reading 'The Fault in our stars' by John Green, this was one of my favorite quotes from the book.

And tonight this is somewhat exactly how I feel.

I really do not know what to write about or rather that I cannot gather the broad spectrum of my thoughts into one solid block for tonight's post.

Which for me is some what of a depressing thought. Well maybe not so much depressing, more deflating.

And  this is why this extract from, the fault in our stars, is somewhat amazing.

As my thoughts are stars, all big and meaningful, well at least I think they are. And yet somehow I cannot seem to place them together into something, less jumbled, less confusing. And so they remain stars in the night sky.

And hopefully I will be able to fathom them into beautiful constellations all in due course.

The End.


Damsel (s) in Distress

Today was a fairy tale, I wore a dress, I was a Damsel in distress. - The wise words of Taylor Swift.

And so for once I find my self able to relate to the lyrical creations of Taylor Swift.

Say what?!

Let me explain, these lyrics explained exactly my day. Which in a way is quite a scarily freaky thought. Well not that scarily freaky. But I'm sure you get my point

 Because today was indeed a Fairy Tale. Though my prince charming did not cease to romantically appear, which was a shame , I did get to share this magical day with my own fairy god mother. Who goes by the name of my, beautiful Nana. Also accompanying me in today's magical story, my sisters Anja and Esther, who are frankly the complete and utter opposite of the 'ugly step sisters' that one would discover in the story, Cinderella.

Today we found our selves in Diamond Harbor. One would find that the beauty there would live up to it's name, as when looking down onto the sea, a million, zillion :P diamonds gleam back.

Today felt like Fairy Tale.

We sat and ate our lunch, it diminishing by the minute due to the flock of hungry sparrows surrounding us. It felt almost like something I would've read from my own Fairy Tale books when I was younger. From Snow White, to Sleeping Beauty, to Repunzel, my day had it all. I was living in my own fairy tale.

But if I had to pick one Fairy Tale that would replicate how i felt eating my lunch in Diamond Harbor. It would be the film- Enchanted.

If one has not seen this film, then I advise you type into YouTube- 'Enchanted Animal Song' or something along the lines and you will discover, or begin to understand the nonsense I am blabbering on about today.

But with all Fairy Tales, there has to be a happy ending. Some may ask? But haven't you already described your happy ending Beth?

Ahhhh... well listen on my friend. Because if you are accustomed to the ways of a fairy tale, you will realize that we have not had our sudden, evil plan or our Cinderella lose's her glass slipper or our Snow White eats the poisoned apple moment. Have we? No my fellow readers, this is just the beginning.

And so we ventured home, sat not on our fellow steed, but instead a fellow boat. Which took us over the waves, honestly it was oh so bumpy today they could almost have been mountains.

We found our feet on solid ground again and began to make the short walk to our car. Or should I say carriage. And who should we find waiting inside our car? Yes the spoiler of a day.

As it had turned out we had left our head lights on after emerging from the tunnel through to Lyttleton. Resulting in a dead battery, further more resulting in us stuck in Lyttleton. Suddenly all the joy seemed to drain away, out of the car and down the storm water pipe.

All would have been well, if I had bought my phone or I knew mum's phone number. But neither was on my agenda for the day. So we were with stuck a dilemma. What do we do?

And so for me thee only answer was. Pray. And pray I did.

In the end we managed to talk to a very kind construction worker, who lent us his phone and helped us discover mum's phone number. Also a service garage appeared out of no where, and in there we discovered some jump leads. This kind man, helped us to restart the battery. And away we went.

You see and this got me thinking. This man did not have to stop and help us, as he was working. But he chose to stop and help, us, the Damsels in distress. He went  beyond and above his call of duty.

Nana offered him some money for his time, and in reply he said;

" No, I cannot take this. Hopefully someone will stop and help me next time I am in need."

So next time you see someone who is in need. No matter how big or small the deed. Please stop, as this may be the guy who so kindly helped us today. Or it may be someone who has kindly done a deed for someone else and is in dire need for repayment for their deed. And I am not talking repayment in money terms. For you may be able to bless, like we where blessed today. You may be able to give someone their 'Fairy Tale- Happy Ending.'

As I know, as all Fairy Tales End, mine followed the criteria today. Thanks to an awesome God and a man who was willing to help some Damsels in distress.

- "Today was a Fairy Tale, I wore a dress, I am no longer a Damsel in Distress"


Back To The Future

Today I discovered a relic,  whilst trying to find some screws in the garage.

Well, I call it a relic because compared to the technology we have present today,for our generation, this would be looked upon as something of some what age.

What? You may ask did I find?

Well I, actually we. Dad and I, discovered a Nintendo gameboy. After an exciting proclaim from Dad,
- ' that's where it went to' and further discussion, I discovered this was the first Nintendo Gameboy.

And this got me thinking.

Look how far technology has come!

I discovered Dad used to play this Nintendo when he was 12.

So I decided to place this somewhat new, exciting discovery by Dad's up to date phone. The same as my phone.

The contrast was mind blowing. After having a go on this 'relic' I discovered that compared to his new item of technology this was definitly 'dated.' The screen is tiny, probably only a little bit bigger than a cheap phone you can pick up from the warehouse. The picture, quite pixilated and the sound terrifyingly annoying. Compared to the now a days, large screened, multiple use pieces of technology... This was somewhat a blast from the past.

But despite this fact, there was a feeling that was present. That no iPhone, Samsung or other high tech piece could provide. It was the feeling of a story, history and life. It felt like the whole world wasn't at your finger tips, it had one purpose and one purpose alone; to provide you with a game. And this thought pleased me as I felt I was for once in control,unlike today's culture where the whole world is at your finger tips.

Some may say technology has advanced for positive reasons. Today I beg to differ.

Today I realized that it is so easy to let technology control us, whilst we should be the controllers.

The Nintendo Gameboy allowed us to control what we played and how we played it, but now our phones,computers beg for attention. Maybe we should stop and consider how we our letting modern day technology rule our lives. Shall we start becoming the controllers?

And go back to the future!


Fear not, I am alive!

So I have not posted in a while. I somewhat feel like I have suddenly failed my blog name, or not done it any justice.
-1 year,,,, 365 thoughts

Say what?!

But other things have been happening, fear not!

I have been finding myself getting lost in the melodies of Bethel, Hillsong and various other Christian artist. And these listenings have been many thoughts in themselfves. As they sing truth's, hopes and wisdom at me, I find myself refreshed and revitalized for a epic year ahead.

I used to always like Christian music, but I never had that desire, longing, craving for it that other alternative stuff would provide. But having come back from new day I have this longing, craving, thirst, hunger to be listening to these intricate, food for the soul.
And this my friends is a wonderful thought that pleases me.

And in doing so, I feel an ultimate peace and I feel like everything that happened at new day is gonna keep growing and growing.

The second thing that has kept me company is spending time with my lovely Nana! There is something I love about doing this as well. As I come away feeling light and joyful. I get such a happiness from spending time with her as I know that she won't be here for long. For I know Saturday will come and soon we'll be saying our goodbyes. This thought honestly tears my heart.

So as I leave, depart, to rest. I apologize for my lack of blogness recently, my heart, my mind and my physical self have been caught up elsewhere. Oh the life of a 15 year old :p I am joking. I love being 15! (:

But fear not, I am alive! Watch this space for more.