Be Still

Be still my heart and know
You are God alone
Stop thinking so much
and just let go

Be still my soul and rest
Humbly I confess,
in my weakness your strength is perfect

For You alone are God, there will be no other
And You have won my heart more than any other
So I will give it all 'cause you gave it all for me

Sometimes I have nerves. Sometimes I worry a lot. Sometimes I feel grumpy for no reason. Sometimes I just need a little bit of God fixation to calm me. And recently I found my answer.

The song above.

If you have not listened to it, then i advise you do.

Follow the link below.


You see, the lyrics of this song, the melodies and chords are just so beautifully crafted that when listened through ones ears, it is automatically soothing. Calming to the soul. That one cannot possibly be dismayed, frightened or worried no more.

And this is why I love music.

Purely because it can make you feel so many ways and can trigger so many thoughts (:

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