A what? What

I am a insect, spider, creature no fearing person. So it wasn't a surprise today when Nicky my friend found a huge spider that I went a little squeamish.

Keeping my fear for creepy crawlies in mind, today as I was sitting a waiting what I was told to be an awesome quiz, something rudely, sharply and painfully bit... harshly the side of my face. I yelped in pain and I looked to the side of my face and saw a big, huge black thing in my hair. I pulled it out in disgust and in fear and threw it to the ground. Sharp pain escaped across my whole face!

This all happened in probably like three seconds.

I had no clue what this creature was, was it a wasp? Was it a bee? What was it?!

So I went to get some stuff for stings,

And in conclusion after completing the quiz with my awesome team! I think we came to the conclusion that it was a hornet.... Egh ):

So my thought for today is. Why did God create such vicious creatures! I'm sure there's a reason put there! Yes I may despise creepy crawlies but when you think about it they're quite intricate and creatively designed by God! That I feel honored to have been stung! I think 

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