Fear not, I am alive!

So I have not posted in a while. I somewhat feel like I have suddenly failed my blog name, or not done it any justice.
-1 year,,,, 365 thoughts

Say what?!

But other things have been happening, fear not!

I have been finding myself getting lost in the melodies of Bethel, Hillsong and various other Christian artist. And these listenings have been many thoughts in themselfves. As they sing truth's, hopes and wisdom at me, I find myself refreshed and revitalized for a epic year ahead.

I used to always like Christian music, but I never had that desire, longing, craving for it that other alternative stuff would provide. But having come back from new day I have this longing, craving, thirst, hunger to be listening to these intricate, food for the soul.
And this my friends is a wonderful thought that pleases me.

And in doing so, I feel an ultimate peace and I feel like everything that happened at new day is gonna keep growing and growing.

The second thing that has kept me company is spending time with my lovely Nana! There is something I love about doing this as well. As I come away feeling light and joyful. I get such a happiness from spending time with her as I know that she won't be here for long. For I know Saturday will come and soon we'll be saying our goodbyes. This thought honestly tears my heart.

So as I leave, depart, to rest. I apologize for my lack of blogness recently, my heart, my mind and my physical self have been caught up elsewhere. Oh the life of a 15 year old :p I am joking. I love being 15! (:

But fear not, I am alive! Watch this space for more.

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