I've discovered recently that I  haven't exactly been writing about my thoughts. So sorry about that.

But hefor those of you who don't know I am in Wellington on a youth camp. Despite Nickie's encouraging horsie noise alarm this morning I still could not fathom the effort that was needed to get out of bed.

After some time I felt that effort come and I raised up from my mattress, which for a camp mattress it is awfully comfy!

I flopped out if bed and signed up for treasure hunting. Booyah was so pumped and it was worth the effort of getting out of bed!

So let's skip time until treasure hunting!

I was with I must say an awesome group! Tim, Isaac and Abby. We got our clues and shared them then headed off to the town center.

As soon as we walked into the car park we saw a Guy with a Metallica t-shirt and head phones on which was one of Isaac's clues from God that he had. He literally leaped out of the car, man that boy has no fear! Which is something I look up to him for!

We carried on into the mall, just praying to God listening, stepping out in courage and letting God do the rest.

It was coming to 4 O'clock - the time we had to be back at the camp and we met up with another group sharing stories and awesome works of God! And we saw a guy with a dustbin one of our clues, Jenny said that we should go up and just honor him for his job. So we waited until he'd finished talking at the information desk.

But I guess you could say that there was a reason y we had waited so long to talk to him. God wanted us in that spot. He had it exactly planned. Sure enough as a fellow Cantabrian I heard  deep rumbling and said to my self that's weird... And then it hit the earthquake. Tim yelled under the door and we ran there and huddled.

Its funny how you think that you've put everything in a box and placed it to the side, but in that moment everything came flooding back memories of the Christchurch earthquakes and fear was definitely present. The earthquake went on for 40 seconds so its not surprising that in that period of time these thoughts came flooding back. But I was great full, and so very blessed to be with the people I was with this afternoon!

After a quick prayer sesh in the carpark I was filled with Gods peace and these two girls caught my attention that I had earlier on bought a bracelet off them cause I felt God say to.

Turns out God had everything planned during the earthquake these girls had been by themselves due to the bracelet selling and so they where pretty messed up like I'd been but cause of Gods amazing  peace I no longer did so we hugged these girls. And talked with them sharing the peace.

I guess today I was just struck by the timing and perfection of God and his plans. And that out of bad good can come.

When returned to the camp I must admit I was still a little shaken up, running on adrenalin. But the difference from before 7 O'Clock and after tonight is a real testament to God's unending love for me.

I no longer feel fearful, not just about earthquakes but about moving to my new school this year.  I know that with the lord, my father,  my Dada their is no fear! And that thought blows my mind!!!

I was also struck by Gods humor tonight and had a good wee giggle in the spirit and a dance as honestly the love God has for me just blows my mind! And it still does!

I feel joyful and excited and overwhelmed, God is good! God is mighty, God is powerful, God is my strength, God is my shelter, God is my refuge, God is my hope, my light, my mighty wave of light! My deep pool of unending love and spirit, he is my future and I trust him. He is my father, my dad.

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