Joyful Joyful

Tonight as I write this there is a tune playing through my mind. So I guess tonights not a thought.. More of a lyrical muddle of thoughts. The song that is replaying in my mind is...

- "Joyful joyful lord we adore thee..." The song is stuck, on replay going around and around.

Some may ask if it's because I've been listening to this song a lot recently? The answer is no. I can't even remember the last time I listened to this particular melody. Yet the question is why is it playing through my mind?

I guess because tonight I had an awesome encounter with God, I got filled with a lot of joy and he took away a lot of  fear that I've had recently for the up coming year and I phrase that will stick with me forever is;

With God there is no fear! (And I know every time I feel fearful I'll repeat this to myself over and over)

It's refreshing.

So that explains the joyful part of the song and the other part...

-" Lord we adore thee"

Is catchy due to the fact that I adore the Lord! And tonight I was just in awe of him. I've felt the holy spirit plenty of times before in the past but tonight it was different. Tonight I really felt the joy, the love and I could feel God's face just shinning down on me. My daddy. I've never felt that before with God! Never felt his true delight in me like I encountered tonight. It was pretty phenomenal! And its amazing to think I have a father who cares so much about me, that he sent his one, his only, precious son to die on the cross so my sins, get that mine! Can be washed clean so I can live for eternity with God? I mean like if that alone doesn't make you go wow and make you stand in awe of God, with his mercy, grace, forgiveness and love. Then honestly I don't know what would.

You see these lyrics are kinda cool when you think about it.

- joyful joyful lord we adore thee!

Man lord you make me joyful! And I adore you so much! (: thanks God for loving me when really I don't deserve it! Thank you for giving me time and providing! Thank you for you everlasting love and unending GRace. Lord tonight I stood in awe of you as you showed to me you, as you revealed and as the holy spirit worked with in me. Lord your phenomenal, indescribable! And I will continue to stand in awe!

As a song goes...
"And I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave it all, I'll stand my soul Lord to you surrendered all I am is yours"

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