Day 1- How My Thought Became Life

So this is my first post. If you are reading this then I wish you good luck! As I, Beth Walters have no prior background to blogging what so ever. So this is a first, which is pretty much the main reason that I have created this blog.

I was challenged recently  by the book - 'Do Hard Things'  by Alex and Brent Harris (if you have not read this book I advise you to do so) I was challenged in many ways for example; standing up to low expectations, that doing hard things now in our teenage years prepares us for our future but the reason that got me writing this blog was near the end of the book. It began talking about the first step to taking actions towards doing hard things. It suggested that I wrote down 5 bullet points that I could work through, some being practical and some a little more far fetch.

And you wouldn't have guess what was one of mine? Yes a blog! Correcto my friend!

You see for me this is a little step out of my comfort zone. But also a place where I am freely able to express my feelings and my thoughts. I guess here you'll find an insight into what goes on inside my head. And I must admit I don't really expect it to be anything too exciting but I'll try and I hope in a way that some days something will pop out at you, inspire you or make you think deeper. I guess that's why I'm doing this.

As I express my feelings, my thoughts. I pray that new ones will trigger in your mind.

And so as I post this first thought, my little idea will have life.

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