Back To The Future

Today I discovered a relic,  whilst trying to find some screws in the garage.

Well, I call it a relic because compared to the technology we have present today,for our generation, this would be looked upon as something of some what age.

What? You may ask did I find?

Well I, actually we. Dad and I, discovered a Nintendo gameboy. After an exciting proclaim from Dad,
- ' that's where it went to' and further discussion, I discovered this was the first Nintendo Gameboy.

And this got me thinking.

Look how far technology has come!

I discovered Dad used to play this Nintendo when he was 12.

So I decided to place this somewhat new, exciting discovery by Dad's up to date phone. The same as my phone.

The contrast was mind blowing. After having a go on this 'relic' I discovered that compared to his new item of technology this was definitly 'dated.' The screen is tiny, probably only a little bit bigger than a cheap phone you can pick up from the warehouse. The picture, quite pixilated and the sound terrifyingly annoying. Compared to the now a days, large screened, multiple use pieces of technology... This was somewhat a blast from the past.

But despite this fact, there was a feeling that was present. That no iPhone, Samsung or other high tech piece could provide. It was the feeling of a story, history and life. It felt like the whole world wasn't at your finger tips, it had one purpose and one purpose alone; to provide you with a game. And this thought pleased me as I felt I was for once in control,unlike today's culture where the whole world is at your finger tips.

Some may say technology has advanced for positive reasons. Today I beg to differ.

Today I realized that it is so easy to let technology control us, whilst we should be the controllers.

The Nintendo Gameboy allowed us to control what we played and how we played it, but now our phones,computers beg for attention. Maybe we should stop and consider how we our letting modern day technology rule our lives. Shall we start becoming the controllers?

And go back to the future!

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