Thought number 5: Looking from the sky!

Today I was awake and alive at 7 0'clock ready and excited for an awesome weekend up in wellington. Excited as I was going to spend 5 days a bunch of awesome youth and God!

This morning I was very organized! Which was quite a surprise! I headed off to the airport. Baggage checked in and I waited for my flight. Minutes passed and the time I was meant to board passed by.

And I thought, really?! Can't I just go already?

But patience is a virtue so I hear. And honestly waiting twenty minutes was definitely worth it.

Because as I took off down the run way and entered into the sky, I looked out my window. And wow! What an awe amazing view I saw!

The Canterbury planes stretched out below me, so intricate and detailed. In the distance I could make out where my house is. It looked small compared to the rest of the world below me. A needle in the hay stack.

The sea was stretched out below me and twinkling like a million diamonds.

And then I thought my house looks so tiny, so small, compared to the rest of Canterbury.

And it reminded me of the times in my life when small problems have seemed so big! And if only I had looked out across the world like I did today and realized that's there's a bigger world than my small problems!

Sometimes I get so caught up on my inner life, when shouldn't I be looking on my outer life? Looking at the diamonds that are occurring or the opportunities I have. Counting my blessings, looking on the bright side and trying to see the bigger picture. The bigger plan, trying to see how Gods looking at the situation.

I guess you could call it looking from the sky.

So next time I'm caught up on the unknowns of my life, I'll think to the moment of today when I was in the sky! Seeing the bigger picture! (:

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