Damsel (s) in Distress

Today was a fairy tale, I wore a dress, I was a Damsel in distress. - The wise words of Taylor Swift.

And so for once I find my self able to relate to the lyrical creations of Taylor Swift.

Say what?!

Let me explain, these lyrics explained exactly my day. Which in a way is quite a scarily freaky thought. Well not that scarily freaky. But I'm sure you get my point

 Because today was indeed a Fairy Tale. Though my prince charming did not cease to romantically appear, which was a shame , I did get to share this magical day with my own fairy god mother. Who goes by the name of my, beautiful Nana. Also accompanying me in today's magical story, my sisters Anja and Esther, who are frankly the complete and utter opposite of the 'ugly step sisters' that one would discover in the story, Cinderella.

Today we found our selves in Diamond Harbor. One would find that the beauty there would live up to it's name, as when looking down onto the sea, a million, zillion :P diamonds gleam back.

Today felt like Fairy Tale.

We sat and ate our lunch, it diminishing by the minute due to the flock of hungry sparrows surrounding us. It felt almost like something I would've read from my own Fairy Tale books when I was younger. From Snow White, to Sleeping Beauty, to Repunzel, my day had it all. I was living in my own fairy tale.

But if I had to pick one Fairy Tale that would replicate how i felt eating my lunch in Diamond Harbor. It would be the film- Enchanted.

If one has not seen this film, then I advise you type into YouTube- 'Enchanted Animal Song' or something along the lines and you will discover, or begin to understand the nonsense I am blabbering on about today.

But with all Fairy Tales, there has to be a happy ending. Some may ask? But haven't you already described your happy ending Beth?

Ahhhh... well listen on my friend. Because if you are accustomed to the ways of a fairy tale, you will realize that we have not had our sudden, evil plan or our Cinderella lose's her glass slipper or our Snow White eats the poisoned apple moment. Have we? No my fellow readers, this is just the beginning.

And so we ventured home, sat not on our fellow steed, but instead a fellow boat. Which took us over the waves, honestly it was oh so bumpy today they could almost have been mountains.

We found our feet on solid ground again and began to make the short walk to our car. Or should I say carriage. And who should we find waiting inside our car? Yes the spoiler of a day.

As it had turned out we had left our head lights on after emerging from the tunnel through to Lyttleton. Resulting in a dead battery, further more resulting in us stuck in Lyttleton. Suddenly all the joy seemed to drain away, out of the car and down the storm water pipe.

All would have been well, if I had bought my phone or I knew mum's phone number. But neither was on my agenda for the day. So we were with stuck a dilemma. What do we do?

And so for me thee only answer was. Pray. And pray I did.

In the end we managed to talk to a very kind construction worker, who lent us his phone and helped us discover mum's phone number. Also a service garage appeared out of no where, and in there we discovered some jump leads. This kind man, helped us to restart the battery. And away we went.

You see and this got me thinking. This man did not have to stop and help us, as he was working. But he chose to stop and help, us, the Damsels in distress. He went  beyond and above his call of duty.

Nana offered him some money for his time, and in reply he said;

" No, I cannot take this. Hopefully someone will stop and help me next time I am in need."

So next time you see someone who is in need. No matter how big or small the deed. Please stop, as this may be the guy who so kindly helped us today. Or it may be someone who has kindly done a deed for someone else and is in dire need for repayment for their deed. And I am not talking repayment in money terms. For you may be able to bless, like we where blessed today. You may be able to give someone their 'Fairy Tale- Happy Ending.'

As I know, as all Fairy Tales End, mine followed the criteria today. Thanks to an awesome God and a man who was willing to help some Damsels in distress.

- "Today was a Fairy Tale, I wore a dress, I am no longer a Damsel in Distress"

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