Not the end, just the beginning

Today came an end to an amazing, wait, incredible 5 days. Yet even though it was an end of a period of time I know that the encounters and happenings of this camp will not.

And as I sat on the bumpy plane flying home yes I was sad, as I'd made some amazing friends but I was also excited, pumped and prepared for the year ahead! I know deep down that this wasn't just gonna be something that happened at camp hit it would be something that would continue to grow within me.

And as I sat on the plane I looked out of the window, music pumping in my head I look out at the sea below me. Beneath me was something I'd never seen before. A line, on one side where rough, tormenting high waves and on the other it was dead calm no white heads of waves, nothing.o
And then i was hit by the truths that I know. That this is like Gods love for us. It is like our lives before we where saved all rough and jaggered, we where sinners. And then he sent his one and only son, his only, to die on a cross, to die a death that I had deserved. So I could be with my Dad, God for eternity?

This thought I had on the plane like many others over the weekend blew my mind!

And so as I keep my eyes on God, I'll keep my eyes open on creation. As I find when I do this I get struck with little creation parcels of God's love!

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