An Ice Cream A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Today was a day of sun, yet again! And with sun always come the clichés. Water, fun, cool drinks and ice creams! Of course!

Once again today my mind was led on a journey! You see, if you have not already noticed, sometimes I can be a right thinker! Often coming out with wacky questions or statements that baffle my parents and in return I'm given even more queer looks than usual!

So it wasn't a surprise today when I was lying in the botanical gardens enjoying the sun that my mind wandered far.... And when I say far I mean far!
Today was Annie's (my sister's) last day of freedom before she is back to preschool tomorrow. So we decided a trip to the paddling pool and park in Hagley Park, was a must for the such a glorious day!

In the period of time that I sat on the lawn I had two thoughts....

Number one occurred when my Aunty was changing my cousin's nappy and suddenly  out of my mouth came a quite bizare statement. Let me quote:

'Mum, it's strange to think that for the first 2ish years of my life, every day you changed and wiped my bum.( or my bottom to be a little more sophisticated) and then one day it stopped and for the rest of my life you will never do it again! Thank goodness for that!'

After having said that statement, the look I got from thee mother, told me everything. Beth you are one strange child!

And so my lesson was learnt! Remember to think before I open my mouth! Thus may result in fewer weird looks!

My second took me on a journey.
I saw some people walk past with some, I must say, delicious looking ice creams! And suddenly  it dawned on me that I had no idea what ice cream cones where made of! For all I knew I could just be eating a slightly sugarfied piece of shaped cardboard!

So after some research I came to my answer. And I am now fully educated on the matter! Thanks to Wikipedia!

- An ice cream cone, poke or cornet is a dry, cone-shaped pastry, usually made of a wafer similar in texture to a waffle, which enables ice cream to be held in the hand and eaten without a bowl or spoon. Various types of ice cream cones include wafer (or cake) cones, waffle cones, and sugar cones.

I began to think about in the summer months there is never a day that goes by without me seeing someone who is eating an ice cream and so my journey continued.

How many ice creams does the world consumed a day? Sadly I couldn't find the exact answer. But I did find out that New Zealand is the 2nd largest ice cream consumer! Hehehe and so this fact made me laugh! ( see picture attached somewhere on here!)

You see sometimes your thoughts take you on a journey of discovery! And often its quite a fun one as its something you find pleasure in learning about! So how about you let your thoughts for once direct you on a journey! You'll never know what you'll discover!

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